All proceeds from sold items are split 50/50 with consignors.

There is a one-time set up fee of $20.00 to open your account, if your unsold items are to be donated or disposed of at the end of the 8-week selling period.  If you prefer to have your unsold items returned to you, there is a one-time account set up fee of $50.00, to cover the costs of labor, bags & materials used. 

We price items and put them on the selling floor for a total of 8 weeks.  All items will be sold at full price during the first 30 days.  After 30 days, items remaining on the sales floor will be offered at 25% off the original price for the next 2 weeks, then offered at 50% off during weeks 7 & 8.  Exceptions apply for special sales and promotions.  After 8 weeks, unsold items will be removed from the sales floor.

You may bring in no more than 20 items per day for consignment, with the exception of jewelry.  We reserve the right to refuse any items for any reason.  We also reserve the right to price all items as seen fit and to set all terms for sale.  All sales are final.  Consignors may pick up money for sold items at any time during regular store hours.

Consignors wishing to have their items returned, may collect any unsold items within one week from the day the items are pulled from the sales floor.  Any items not collected by the consignor by the end of the 9th week from the day the items were consigned will become the property of Julie’s Inspiration and may be subject to donation.  Items will not be stored beyond the 9th week, as we simply do not have the storage space.

The following is a list of items that we do not accept:
Children’s clothing, toys, appliances, electronics, telephones, office furniture, crafts or dried arrangements, unframed mirrors, glassware, fine china, dishes, bowls, platters, kitchenware, miscellaneous kitchen gadgets, or flatware.  Exceptions may be made on vintage or antique items, sterling flatware and other sterling items.

Julie’s Inspiration reserves the right to close any account for any reason.  Julie’s Inspiration reserves the right to modify this agreement at its discretion.


We accept consignments Monday - Thursday from 10 - 6 only.
(Weekends are too busy!). When consigning, please allow ample time during your visit, so that we can look your items over to make sure that they fit our guidelines.  If they don’t, we can give them right back to you or we can donate them if you prefer.

What do we take?

Clothing & Accessories
We accept quality ladies and men’s clothing including today’s fashions, couture and vintage.  We accept all sizes, as well as purses, wallets, shoes, belts, scarves, gloves, hats and jewelry.  Clothing items must be in-season, in excellent condition and current in style (within the last two years).  We also specialize in vintage items that are pre-1980’s and in demand.

Your clothing items MUST come in freshly laundered or dry cleaned, be crisply pressed and on a hanger, in like new condition and ready to wear!  We cannot accept boxes or bags of folded clothing.  We will reject soiled, stained, torn or wrinkled items, even if they are great styles and good brands.  All zippers must work and all buttons must be in place.  Any items not fitting these standards will be instantly donated.  Jewelry items must be clean and intact.

Decorative Home Accessories
These include items such as lamps, framed mirrors, framed artwork and photographs, statues, unusual or quality vases and crystal pieces, collectibles, decorative clocks, silk arrangements, wall sconces, new and vintage table linens, and seasonal decor.  All items must be clean, undamaged and ready for resale.  Bedding and window treatments must be in original packaging.  Items requiring light bulbs or batteries must include them.  If not, a fee may be assessed to your account.

Furniture & Antiques
We accept furniture by appointment and at the discretion of management.  Please e-mail photos to us before bringing larger items in and call ahead before delivery to insure that space is available.  Furniture must be clean, undamaged, and in ready to use condition. 

Julie's Inspiration Consignment Shoppe does not share customer information with outside agencies, sources, vendors or other entities. 

Julie's Inspiration Consignment Shoppe does not store customer credit card information.  All information containing customer credit and numbers are held in a locked safe until they are shredded.

Any and all personal customer information may be used for marketing purposes and/or for customer service purposes.

No season-specific clothing consignments December 15 - February 1 please.
Winter Holiday
Acceptance Calendar
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April 1 - July 15
August 1 - October 15
September 1 - Decemer 15
November 1 - November 15
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